Escort Rally Special

Couvin Belgium 2018


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Having worked for Roger Clark and Ford Boreham Competition at the start of the Ford Escorts and worked on the BD series engine for 40 years, it was great to attend the Escort Rally Special event in Couvin Belgium, 140 of the best Escorts in Europe, competed

 in a Tarmac Rally as well as twelve hybrid 2.5 litre Escorts

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Osian Pryce/ Jessica Hockly  1st place Historic, Great Drive, 2nd Overall to Frank & Lauren Kelly 2.5 hybrid Escort



The rally started well for us with Osian Pryce fastest on the first stage in the Historic, 4 seconds down to Frank Kelly in his Escort hybrid 2.5,  Fred Caprasse was 2nd Historic and Florian Conon 3rd Historic, after stage 2 we were still 1st & 2nd in the Historic and Osian took 5 seconds off Frank Kelly to take the Overall lead.  Christophe Jacob had a puncture costing him 5 minutes, then Florian retired with gearbox.  Fred needed a gearbox change and then the pressure plate broke on the clutch, so gearbox was out again, good work by Grant Shand and the mechanics to keep him in the rally.  Fred eventually finished 7th in the Historic followed by Simon Webster who had a good rally to finish in 8th place.  Whilst Osian Pryce was fastest on stages 1, 2 and 3 in the Historic and was lying 2nd overall by .22 second going into the last stage, only to have an ignition coil fail and loosing power but managed to get to the finish to win the Historic.  With 3 in the top 10 and 5 in the top 15 it was a good event for us.




Fred Caprasse/ Geoffrey Razzi 7th place  well done, setting 2nd fastest times on 2 stages



Simon Webster /Jez Rogers, 8th place 2nd UK crew, Well done



Marc Duez/ Ludovic Blaton  demonstration drive, not a scratch on the car,  1st class driver




Florian Conon/ MichelHorgnies retired 2nd place with gearbox









Thank you to the Belgium people and all our customers for their hospitality in making us very welcome, also to Christophe Jacob for organising such a successful and memorable event for the Ford Escorts.  Well done to the motor club and all the volunteers