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Rallye Lyon Charbonnieres Rhone 20th - 22nd April 2017




2nd Overall, 1st Ford Escort,  round 2 of  French Tarmac Championship



Rallye Salamandre 23rd April 2017


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          1st Overall Florian Gonon / Michel Horgnies                      3rd Overall Christophe Jacob / Isabelle Regnier                       16th Overall Chris white / Chris Dewsnap


Legends Boucles de Bastogne Historic Rally 18th - 19th February 2017


1st Ford Escort behind two 3 litre Porsche cars driven  by Thierry Neuville and Bernard Munster, 3 Escorts finished in top 10. maintained by RallyXtreme


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3rd Overall Patrick Snijers / Roel Geraerts

8th Overall Jean-Francois Mourgies / Denis Giraudet

9th Overall Frederic Caprasse / Geoffrey Razzi


Christophe Jacob / Isabelle Regnier  French Historic Rally Champions 2016

Frank Cunningham / Ross Forde Irish Historic Tarmac Champions 2016




Sardenga International Historic Rally 18th  to 22nd October 2016, First 3 Escorts



gde_sardaignehistoricrally016%202088 Wan



gde_sardaignehistoricrally016%202100 Christophe



gde_sardaignehistoricrally016%201575 Tollemer

2nd Overall Anto Wan/ Yoann Raffaell



4th Overall Christophe Jacob/ Isabelle Regnier

12th Overall Philippe Tollemer / Christina Tollemer










Winners on Lahti Historic Rally 2016

Calzolari Giuliano  / Stefanelli Silvio

Lahti Rally Win 2016 Guiliano Calzolari

Lahti 2016



Winners of Imola Classic Heritage Touring Cup 2016

Raphael De Borman / Christophe Van Riet

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