Upgrade Kits for pre 2001 T595 - 955i

Stage 1 

The stage 1 kit offers great power and torque increases similar to our 142 Bhp kit at a more affordable price.

The kit Contains the following:

Special Exhaust System with larger diameter tapered headers, larger secondary pipe, two balance pipes and high flow carbon can supplied high or low level. sports foam air filter. (Exhaust as 142 BHP Kit.)

Exhaust system (complete):   No longer available.

Sports foam air filter:           

Stage2 - 142 BHP 

With the Wilcox 142 bhp kit fitted  you get a fantastic power curve which retains all the bottom end power and has a very smooth power and torque curve all the way through the range.

This very Comprehensive 142 Bhp kit Contains the following:


Modified Cylinder head, Larger valves, New cams, Vernier cam sprockets, Special Exhaust System with carbon can, Modified pistons, High flow filter, High pressure fuel regulator, gaskets, modified pistons and modified trumpets.

Also included is our own Fuel & Ignition modifier ECU which recalibrates the Std Triumph System.

For us to supply the 142 Bhp kit you will need to send us the following:

These Parts will then be modified and returned with the rest of the kit.

(Note: carriage not included)

Please contact us for further info.

All Prices are subject to change and are + VAT