BDG Carburettor Engine

Forest Spec Video 1 

 Forest Spec Video 2 

 Tarmac Spec Video 

Dyno Testing FIA 2.0 litre Forest Spec

Dyno Testing FIA 2.0 litre Tarmac Spec


Engines are hand built to FIA regulations with the choice of specifications, with our vast knowledge and dyno testing of this type of engine, combined with some of the fastest professional and club drivers in the world driving them, this provides us with valuable feedback for cylinder head specs, cam profiles and calibration to gain the best power and drivability. The success in our development is proven by winning races, rallies and championships across the globe.

Current specifications available are an Endurance Spec, Forest Spec 1, Forest Spec 2, Tarmac Rally Spec and Race Spec.



Additional Extras: Starter Motor, Alternator and Exhaust manifold