Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection

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In 1972 when John worked for Roger Clark, Ford decided to use the Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection System for the first time on Roger's RAC Rally Winning Escort LVX 942J. This made him the first British driver to win the RAC Rally round Great Britain and break the dominance of the Scandinavian drivers. During this time John met Bob Blurton, Motor Sport manager of Lucas who was the main technical expert on the system and living locally he would visit our company and offer his expertise when required. Sadly Bob a good friend and colleague passed away and will be sadly missed. Since the early 70's we have continued to work with the Lucas Fuel Injection for all forms of Motor sport. We are still building new Lucas Mechanical Injected engines and supplying new injection systems to this day.  

Bob Blurton pictured above with John with the last of the genuine Lucas Metering units

Roger Clark 1972 RAC Winner

Bob Blurton at 80 years young with John in conversation looking over a new Wilcox Lucas Mechanically Fuel Injected BDG on the test bed.


Engine Gallery

Engines are hand built to FIA regulations with the choice of specifications, with our vast knowledge and dyno testing of this type of engine, combined with some of the fastest professional and club drivers in the world driving them, this provides us with valuable feedback for cylinder head specs, cam profiles, trumpet diameter and calibration to gain the best power and drivability. The success in our development is proven by winning races, rallies and championships across the globe.

Current specifications available are a Rally Spec and Race Spec


Additional Extras: Starter Motor, Alternator and Exhaust manifold