Due to John Wilcox, the founder of the Company working for a Lotus agent for over 10 years, it was not surprising that the Twin Cam engine became part of the business. We have had great success with all forms of this engine exporting many around the world. We also developed a high power 2.2 litre aluminium block version of this engine and supply two lotus agents in Japan.


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Our test cells have been set up from the start to run race and rally twin cam engines. During this time we have gathered a vast amount of data enabling us to advise customers on the spec of engine required for their type of motor sport.

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We still make and supply parts, build and rebuild engines for historic racing, rallying and kit cars.


2.2 Aluminium Block On 50 DCOSP Carbs.


Our 2.2 Litre Twin cam is based on the aluminium BDG block, (this has the taller block height of the Crossflow engine). We then use a longer timing chain and an aluminium spacer between the front cover and the cylinder head. The alloy block enables us to use a 90.335mm cylinder bore and an 84mm Stroke. The engine also has a big valve head, 50 Weber carburetors, race cams and a programmable ignition system.


New Cylinder heads can be purchased complete with valves, springs, retainers, platforms, cotters, followers, camshafts and tappets adjusted as an assembly ready to fit Telephone or email for details.


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