Parts and After Sales, John Wilcox Competition Engines.


As Customer service is important to us, technical advice is always at hand by knowledgeable and experienced staff. Customers are always welcome to call or visit us to discuss their needs.


A Comprehensive Stores Backs Up Our Engines.

A comprehensive stores backs up our engines, allowing fast mail order of essential parts and accessories to anywhere in the world. As well as stocking our own designed and manufactured engine components, which are supplied to many other engine companies, we keep a comprehensive range of proven products from reputable companies, i.e.

Shell Oils, Champion Spark Plugs, NGK, Cosworth Engine Components, Trumph Motorcycle Parts, Kent Cams, ITG airfilters, Pipercross, Lucas, Facet Fuel pumps, Weber & Dellorto Carburettors.

All types and sizes of steel crankshafts and H section conrods can be made to order.

We can supply engine conversion 'kits' for a wide range of engines which can be tailored to the customers requirements. Fuel Injection kits for almost any engine can be supplied.

Below are engine 'kits' and price lists for some of our more popular engines.

Ford Crossflow
Ford RS 2000 "Pinto"
Ford Cosworth YB
Lotus Twincam
Vauxhall 16 Valve XE
Rover K series


Other Services

We also offer a wide range of services for customers wishing to build their own engines, from basic engine reconditioning to prototype machining.

     Liners made & fitted to alloy and steel blocks

      Cylinder block re-boring 

      Cylinder bore honing

      Cylinder blocks surfaced 

      Cylinder blocks line bored

      Crankshafts reground

      Crankshaft journals lapped

      Dynamic Crankshaft  balancing

      Crankshafts Cross drilled

      Pistons balanced

      Rods balanced

      Flywheel lightened

      Crack testing

      Shot peening

      Injectors cleaned and flow checked

      Reclaim con rod big ends

      Re-bush con rod little ends

      Aluminium welding

      Cylinder heads modified, ported & polished 

      Cylinder heads skimmed

      Valve guide reconditioning

      Valve inserts made and fitted

      Cylinder head Flow bench analysis


A Ferrari V 12 Block Being Bored After Linering.

A Crankshaft Being Dynamically Ballanced.

Injectors Being Flow Tested After Ultrasonic Cleaning.

 A 16 Valve Cylinder Head Being Flow Tested After Modifications.

  Crack Testing

Magna-flux crack detection for ferrous and non ferrous metals to help ensure reliability. These two images show a severely cracked crankshaft journal, which when reground would look perfect to the normal eye, crack testing will still show the faults as can be clearly seen here.

Crankshaft main journal,with cracks clearly visible after crack testing and only visible under ultra violet light.Cracked big end journal, showing cracks after bearing failure.

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